Friday, August 6, 2010

On The Road Again

Mom and I are on an adventure!  We are in a place called Illenoy.  It smells a lot the same as home, although I can't figure out where they keep their duck pond.

This is the first big trip I've taken with Mom.  The last one I took was from the shelter in Tennessee where my old family brought me, to the shelter in Ann Arbor where Mom came and got me.  I didn't really like that trip.  There were lots of other dogs and cats with me, and there wasn't any fun.

This trip is GREAT so far, though.  My friend Kathy came and got us pretty early in the morning and then we spent ages and ages in the car (although when we got to Illenoy it was still morning - okay, so maybe the trip wasn't that long...but it sure felt like it).  Sometimes I sniffed out the windows, but I liked the way that Kathy drove, so mostly I just lay down and went to sleep.  We stopped a couple of times and I liked stretching my legs and declaring ownership of new and really interesting places, but I didn't mind getting right back in the car when I was done.

Now we are in Aunt Barbara's house, and I like it here very much.  Mom brought my Blankey, my Bone, and my very own bowls, and put them around her bed just like we have them at home, so I know just where I belong.  We went for a walk tonight and even though Mom didn't put the leash on me, I knew just where to walk (I think the street is very interesting but she prefers that I stay on the sidewalk, so I usually try to humor her); and when it was time to turn around, I knew just where to go.  In fact I ran ahead and was waiting for her in the garage, laughing because she's so much slower on her two long legs than I am on my four short ones.  She didn't mind that I was laughing, though.  She hugged me and rubbed me and reminded me that she knows that I am a Good Boy.  Now we are upstairs and we are both very tired and ready for bed.  I like taking trips.  I wonder when the next one will be?

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