Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where? There!

Mom and I have made up a great game together.  It's called "Where's Henry?"  Here is how it goes.

Anytime she leaves the house and the weather outside is comfortable to me, Mom opens the window in our bedroom.  It overlooks the parking lot so if I feel like watching stuff I can just hop up and look out.  That's fun.  Well, every time she goes, she stops when she gets to the parking lot, and looks back to tell me goodbye.  I'm always at the window, watching her go...I wish she never had to go.

But then comes the great part!  When she comes back, she knows I'm sleeping really hard, so she calls out: "Where's Henry?"  Sometimes it takes me a minute to hear her, get up, and stretch, but then I do, and I hop up in the window.  The minute we see each other she exclaims, "There's Henry!"  And we both win the game!

It's one of the most fun things we do.  It almost makes me mind her leaving less, because I know we're going to get to play the game when she comes back!

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