Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Smell Of The World

When Mom and I go for our walks, I love to take a few minutes every time and roll around on my back.  I wiggle; I roll; sometimes I look for hills so I can slide down them.  Great fun!  I laugh and wag my tail and enjoy it as much as I can, every single time.  Mom isn't sure why I do this, but here's the secret.  I love the way everything smells, and I want to smell like it; and I want everything to smell like me, so everyone knows I've been there and called dibbs.  I always laugh to myself whenever Mom says that the house smells like dog (which it never does for long, sadly, she's constantly making things smell boring); it doesn't smell like dog, it smells like the world.  And the world smells like me.

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