Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When Excitement Is In The Air, So Is My Butt

I love going outside.  LOVE going outside.  I get really wiggly and happy every time Mom jingles her keys and asks me, "Outside?"  We have a ritual for this (like we do for everything - I love that Mom gives me so many things to do, because I get to be good at all of them!).  She doesn't want me to burst out the door, so I have to lay down before she opens it.  Sometimes, though, it's just too exciting, and I can't lay all the way down.  I can get my front half down but my tail is too happy and my butt stays in the air.  Sometimes it takes her a while to open the door because she's laughing too hard, I don't know why; I just keep wagging until she decides it's time!

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