Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why Run When You Can Run FAST!

Mom says the walks I take are four times longer than the ones she takes, because I go ahead, fall behind, and make interesting detours, while she just walks in a boring old straight line.  This is good because it means I have four times as much fun when we're outside!  She doesn't put me on the leash any more unless we're going to a new place because I'm so good at walking on our usual path, and I love to do it by myself!

I love walking so much, but I love running more, and I learned this week that it's EVEN FUNNER, when you run, to run fast.  It's great!!  I hit the ground so hard Mom says it sounds like a horse galloping!  It feels soooo good.  My legs stretch until my paws barely touch the ground in between lopes and it feels like I'm flying.  Sometimes I run like this when I see squirrels or ducks or geese; I go as fast as I can to try to chase them!  Even more often, though, I just run for joy.  It makes my heart and my muscles feel great and it's my favorite kind of tired to be when I'm tired from running fast.

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