Monday, July 12, 2010

Crackers and Kleenex

I can't write too much today.  My Mom is pretty sick and I have to take care of her.  This means that I don't run away when she sneezes even though it surprises me, and that I very carefully clean up soup crackers that she drops so that she doesn't step on them, and that I only decorate the house with some of the Kleenex that she's not using any more, and that I stand or sit or sleep super close all the time just in case she needs to pet me really quick.

She's not getting better yet - probably because she took a bath, I could have told her that wasn't a good idea - so tomorrow I think I will offer to let her tear up my Garfield some because this always makes me feel good.  I started teaching her "come" and "stay" yesterday but we can't work on it unless she has a voice, so I hope she feels better soon.  Even though she's sick, we still had a lot of hugs and treats, so it was still a pretty great day.

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