Monday, July 26, 2010


Today me and Mom went to the park out behind our house.  I taught her things to do at a park and she taught me one.  First, I taught her to play fetch.  She throws the stick and then I run and look at it very intently, and then she comes and gets it and we do it all over again.  This is so fun!  One time I brought her the stick and she got all excited, but it's more fun when we go get it together.  For a little while she read outside and I decided to take a nap right behind her.  She lay down and she showed me that I make a very nice pillow for when she lays her head down.  I liked this new kind of snuggle.

My favorite part was when I itched my back.  We were sitting on a very steep hill, and when I lay on my belly I had a hard time keeping myself on the hill (except for the time I was being Mom's pillow, which was part of the reason I liked it because she was holding me up).  But when I lay on my back to itch it, the most fun thing happens - I slide all the way down the hill!  I ran up the hill to slide down it again just because it was so much fun.

I hope we go back to the park again tomorrow.  Mom doesn't know it but I am planning to run after those ducks in the pond very soon now...

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