Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nose Adventures

Tonight Mom and I went on a long-ish walk.  It's not the longest one we've ever had, but since she got sick we've been taking really short walks.  I didn't mind.  Even the short ones make her cough really bad and the coughing sound made me sad.  But now she's feeling better, so we went out for a long time tonight.  It was a little bit dark so I followed my nose to find interesting things while we were out.  One was ducks.  Ducks are AMAZING.  Soon I will figure out a way to chase them in the pond, or maybe sneak up on them so they don't go in the water.  I can't wait to see what happens when I jump right in the middle of a big group of them.

I also found a frog.  A live one.  There's a dead one on our path, but I don't like that so much.  I mean, it smells really interesting, but it just sits there.  That's not much fun.  The live one was, though.  I saw it and thought it was just a rock, so I smelled it to see what kind of rock it was.  Imagine how excited I was when the rock jumped into the bushes!  I followed it for a minute and pushed it down with my nose, just to let it know who was boss.  That's one rock-impersonating frog that won't be messing with me or Mom, no sir.

I also found one more thing that I thought was a frog, but it turned out it was just a leaf that stuck to my nose.

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