Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reasons To Smile And How To Do It With Your Butt

It is really great to be a dog.  I do things all the time that make me happy.  I never see Mom do the same things but I guess Moms have different things things that they do to make them happy.  Although you'd kind of think tearing up Garfield and having lots of dog food would be fun for everyone.

One of the things I love to do is go carpet swimming.  You do this too, right?  Where you turn upside down and then wiggle as far as you can along the carpet?  It makes my itchy back feel sooooo good!  Sleeping in the sunshine is another thing I love to do.  Have you ever noticed how much better your sleep is better when you do it in the sunshine?  I had one of my recurring dreams this morning, the barking one, where I'm running as fast as I can and barking as much as I can and having the most fun ever, and I just know it was because it was a sun nap.

Mom pet me for a long time this morning and that is one of my very favorite reasons to smile.  When I came to live with her she even taught me a new way to smile.  With my butt!  Can you smile with your butt?  This is how I do it.  When she pets me, sometimes I get very intent and I forget to be happy.  (Do you ever do that?  When something happens that you love so much you forget how much you like it?)  So she likes to remind me by helping to wag my tail.  Isn't that clever?  She pets me from my head to my butt; and then, instead of stopping at my tail, she lifts it a little bit, and reminds me that it's okay to wag it if I want to.  Sometimes I wag and sometimes I don't.  But I always like it when she reminds me.

Right now I am very tired from a long walk we took.  We didn't think it was hot, but by the end of it, boy!  It sure was.  It's time for me to take another sun nap, and then I think I'll see if me and Mom can practice smiling some more.  That will be just great.

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