Sunday, July 4, 2010

Not Sure About This

Mom seemed very excited today.  I was glad that she was happy.  Then she started talking about people coming over.  I wasn't sure about this, but I was willing to try it out.  But did you know that when people come over... the house has to get clean???  The floor no longer has the right amount of dog hair on it, my Blankeys smell weird (Mom says they smell clean, but clean must be her word for weird/boring), my crate no longer has fun smears of peanut butter on the bottom - she even washed my bowls.  Doesn't she know how long it took me to get the right lick marks all over them??  And now I have to start from scratch.  She said something about a bath today.  I don't really remember what this is, though I'm pretty sure she didn't do one, but I vaguely remember not liking it.

After Mom totally messed up the house, that's when we started having fun.  My friends Neal and Selena came over; I've played with them before and I already like them, so I guess it was okay that Mom let them come to visit us inside too.  They were really nice and pet me as much as I wanted, so even though I thought about hiding in my crate until they left, I actually had fun being part of the party.  (Also, those cheesy poofs were GOOD.  If that's what parties mean,  I hope Mom has one every day!)

I hated the end part.  Loud noises make me run away and make me feel sad and scared at the same time.  Mom and I figured out though that if she turns the kitchen fan on high and I squeeze myself against the far back corner, I can't hear the explosions any more.  Plus, the cool kitchen floor feels nice on my skin...mostly I like my pretty fur coat, but today I was one hot dog.  So the kitchen it is, for now, and every now and then Mom comes in and sits on the floor and tells me what a good boy I am.  I agree, but it's really nice that she knows it too.

So, today was a strange day.  The good thing is, I have discovered that when I lay down in the kitchen I can find things under the cabinets like cheesecake crumbs and more cheesy poofs, so I don't mind as much about the fireworks, because I'm having a late night snack.  Plus, Mom seems happy, and she says I was a good dog while Neal and Selena were here, so she's happy with me too, so I guess that means it was a great day.  (Still, I hope she doesn't run the vacuum every day.  What if it gets my tail??)

Soon we get to go to bed.  This is always fun.  I like to find different places that I can lay and still see Mom.  Sometimes I wake her up in the middle of the night just to see if she'll pet me.  She always does.  I think I'll check again tonight, though, just to be sure.  

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