Friday, July 16, 2010

I Have The OCD (Ordinary Concerns Of A Dog)

I like routine.  I love knowing what's going to happen because it makes me happy to be good at things I get to do over and over.  Mom and I do lots of things together every day.  We go for walks, we eat, we have snuggle sessions, and we do these things together every day because doing them makes every day great.

Even though we like to do a lot of stuff together, there are some things she does every day that I don't do, and I have some things I like to do that she doesn't.  For example, every time we come home, Mom checks the lock on the door.  This seems silly to me.  It's not like we're going to fall out of our house.  What I do when we come home is go straight to the kitchen.  This is worth doing because you never know if some new food has been spilled in there while we were gone!  Actually, that has never happened.  But it might.  And as soon as it does, I will know, because I check.  Every single time.

We also do different things when we wake up.  When Mom wakes up, she likes to brush her teeth.  (Yet another example of her making something weird/boring.)  When I wake up, I like to go out on our balcony to make sure everything is still there - the ducks, the pond, and the bugs, and oh yeah those white fuzzy things that float on the air - just like it was yesterday.  So far, it always has been; but it's very important to check.

One thing we have in common is that even though we're laid back, we both like things just the way we like them.  Mom seems to have a place for everything!  So I like to be this way too.  Sometimes when Mom is working in the living room she'll bring my toys onto my living room Blankey.  But that is not where they belong.  They belong on the bedroom Blankey.  So every time she moves them, I wait for her to sit down, and then I have to get up and bring the toy all the way back.  Sometimes I have to do this more than once in a day.  I don't know why she keeps moving my things when I just have to put them back.  That Mom.  She sure can be hard to train sometimes.

She's never a lost cause, though.  Just today I trained her on one more new trick.  She had gotten me a couple of chew toys when I came to live with her, but they're not fun.  They're interesting shapes and I like to smell them, but I'm not going to chew them.  (I sort of wish she'd just chew them up herself if she thinks they're all that tasty.)  But today she came home with a great one - a pork pancake!!  It looked just like a pancake but it's waaaaay better because it was made of pig bits and then on top of that it was wonnnnderfully stinky.  I licked it and licked it and licked it and then I couldn't stand it and I chewed it right up.  I hope she brings home lots and lots more of those.

Of course, she gave it to me in the living room, so I had to bring it to my bed Blankey before I could devote the proper attention to it.  But it was still pretty great.

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