Monday, July 5, 2010

Training Day

Even though she is a little slow, I love my Mom and I know that she is trainable.  She learned that I don't like to eat stinky skunk feet for food; she learned to wake up in the middle of the night when I ask for a petting; she's learned that she only has to tell me no once and doesn't have to fuss at me, because it makes me very sad when she thinks I'm a bad dog.

Now I have to train her about treats.  She thinks I don't like treats.  That's silly.  I love them!  But the first treats she tried to give me weren't fun.  They weren't as bad as that yucky food; but they just weren't worth doing anything for.  I guess it was a little like being given bone-shaped cardboard.  Tell me, would you do a trick for a piece of bone-shaped cardboard?  Sometimes I'd do the things she asked me to, but only because I liked being called a good dog over and over again, not because I wanted one of those yucky things.

I think she's figured it out though!  She found something delicious that looks like a stick but that tastes like awesome sauce.  I love it!!!  I did "sit" four paws + four paws times in a row, just to get another nibble at those sticks.  Mr. Newmansown, you must be a VERY good dog to have figured out how to make these treat sticks.  Please send my Mom lots more.

It's time to have fun with training, now that I know "sit" and she knows "treats".  Now we get to figure out what to train each other to do next.  What a great day today is!

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