Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Pill, A Pomplamoose, And A Party

I've had a big couple of days!  I wanted to write my story last night, but Mom hogged the computer and then she fell asleep.  I guess it's okay because I was pretty tired, too.

It all started yesterday morning when she came home with a new kind of treat called a heartwarm pill.  I don't know why they call it heartwarm; it didn't make my heart feel like anything.  It sure was tasty, though!  I wanted another one today but I didn't get one.  Maybe I'll get one tomorrow.  I like this pill thing.

A little later she was playing some music on that machine she always uses to make tapping noises with her fingers.  I don't usually mind the music she plays.  Actually I don't usually pay much attention to it.  But this new stuff, it was really cool!  It wasn't just sounds, it was pictures too.  I loved the colors and the interesting noises.  I watched a lot of it!  Mom called it Pomplamoose.  I don't know if that's another word for music or a new kind of noise, but I like it.

Then, after she came home and I had my dinner, we went out.  We do this every evening, but it's usually for a walk.  This time my friend Neal came and got us and took us to a new place where there was a party. I didn't know what a party was, but it seems to be the word for a lot of people with a lot of music (but no Pomplamoose) and REALLY good pork.  I was a little nervous about all the people, but they all liked me and called me a good dog, so as long as I could be close to Mom, it was okay.  We stayed for a really long time and after a while I just went to sleep.  I don't usually lay down anywhere but my own Blankey, but it sort of felt okay there.  My friends Selena and Dustin were there too, and with so many friends around me even though stuff was really different, I was also mostly okay with it.

I loved riding in cars to and from the party (thanks, Neal and Dustin!) and it was kind of fun making lots of new friends, but the very best part was going back to my very own home and going to sleep.

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